Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Avery!

So technically Avery’s birthday isnt until Tuesday..but since she will be having her surgery on her birthday we said that Friday the 16th was going to be her honorary birthday this year. I can honestly say that she had a great birthday..yes it really stinks that she has to have surgery on her birthday but she wont know..and it will be ok…bc to her she had a great birthday and that is all that matters right??!!! So I wanted to post some pictures from her birthday.. I did a rainbow theme this year for her birthday..
Wow..we have come so sweet little girl is five already…how did that become possible..seems like I was just in the hospital with her..
hmm I wonder at this very moment was I just loving my baby or was I thinking what am I going to do….Why me????!!!  My precious baby has down syndrome, how did this happen?  I remember I used to look at her and all I could see was every down syndrome trait she had. Those almond eyes. the square flat nose. the droppy mouth. the line across her hand. the huge gap inbetween her toes. the froggy legs. the curved pinky. I couldn’t look past all those traits and see my baby that just wanted to be loved. Oh she was just a baby that wanted love. I wish I could go back and tell myself all those things to me that everyone said in that video that I shared a few days back. what a difference that would make. The hospital stay is such a blur to me. I would sit in the middle of the night just staring at her and just cry..bc I wanted to just see my baby so badly. and I was mad at myself bc I couldn’t see it. Looking through all these pictures brings back so many memories…good and bad.
Oh but your sisters..they loved you from the very beginning..from the minute they laid there eyes on you..your sisters adore you…oh how they love you…makes my heart just melt how wonderful they are with you…

But today you are five..and I wouldn’t change a You are you..and we love every bit of you! You bring so much joy and love to our family and everyone that you meet…God knew what we/I needed in our family.
Avery’s supper choice was…pizza..
Anxiously waiting to open her presents..she kept saying..”Avery’s” and pointing to  them during supper..
I need three of these dolls in my house….it is a huge hit….my babies LOVE it too…it’s a baby alive doll but it don’t actually wet or any of that..I wasn’t about to deal with that mess…lol..but she eats her bananas and drinks her juice and talks..
Avery with her rainbow cake…
Some of the rainbow details…
Rainbow twizzlers….and pretzel sticks dipped in white chocolate and then rolled in rainbow sprinkels
rainbow fruit…
The inside of her rainbow cake that I made..
Pure yumminess!!! 

Asking for prayers as we leave tomorrow morning for Boston..on a tiny plane..I'm a little bit nervous about that..I usually don’t mind flying but it seems like you always hear about the little planes that crash and not the big ones..we fly on a little four seater..and then switch somewhere and get on another little one that will take use to Boston..I have talked to both pilots..they both seem really nice..I cant believe it is already time…I try not to think about it bc then I start doubting my self and start to get really nervous for the surgery…Im not going to lie..I am going to be really scared..terrified actually to hand my little girl over to them..with everyone that they have told me that could go wrong….but all I can do is pray..its out of my hands..but if you could say a little prayer for me too…thanks!! 
I will keep everyone updated via my look for updates here..when I know something I will post something..I know a lot of my family is far away and are wanting  minute by minute updates..but hopefully this will work so we arent on the phone the whole time updating everyone…


Becky said...

Five years ago you and I were in such similar I completely understand every single thing you said in this post. It actually brought some tears because I know exactly how you felt then...and now. Your rainbow theme is awesome! Love that cake! I will definitely pray. You tell that girl happy birthday from us and give her a huge hug! :)

Debbie said...

nice party!